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Best Synthetic Urine
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I have a youtube channel as I mentioned this in my previous post. On this channel, I focus on „How to pass a drug test” I have many videos on this topic, a few related to detox pills and few related to synthetic urine. I received this comment a couple of days ago:

„Ya bro you’re talking about the 7-day bottle bro actually 9 days because you are supposed to quit all drugs 2 days b4 and during the 7-day cleansing. The INSTANT 8oz bottle is not $10 ANYWHERE it’s $35-$40 and is a blue color liquid not green like the 7 days.

You referenced the instant bottle mentioning the 60 mins but actually, its a 60-90 minute cleanse, with also 4 refills of water in the 8oz bottle or in general 32oz of water after you drink the INSTANT 60-90 min 8oz blue liquid bottle of Stinger.

So, therefore, I feel you are just trying to help sell a product you are obviously marketing bro. Also, you never mentioned Quick Fix which is the best synthetic urine out there, lab-tested, gravity proportions right and everything, and also always updated versions

I’ve used it twice though the cleanse is probably the best if they decide to swab your mouth or do blood.”

This guy obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about in the first part of his comment, however, I do agree that Quick Fix 6.1 synthetic urine is still one of the best in 2017. Not the best synthetic urine, but a very high quality one, which can help you to pass a lab drug test anytime.

The Best Synthetic Urine based on what I have tried

I have passed a couple of urine drug test in the last 5 years and I can say the best synthetic urine called Sub Solution and not Quick Fix. It’s better because its a more complex synthetic urine, besides containing urea and uric acid, it also contains, 13 different chemicals, and it mimics real human urine perfectly.

However, the reason I am recommending Sub Solution Synthetic urine over Quick Fix is that it comes with heat activating powder. You guys all know this is where many people fail. Finding the correct urine temperature and keeping it on it might be challenging. While Quick Fix synthetic requires heating and wrapping with heat pads, sub solution is much easier.

UPDATE: This blog post was written two years ago, not much changed since then, Sub Solution and Quick Fix are still great urine brands, but there is a new player called Quick Luck synthetic urine. It’s manufactured by Clear Choice, the same company who makes Sub Solution. If you want to know more about Quick Luck synthetic urine, check out this very recent review.

How to Use Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

When you are in the testing room, simply mix water with the urine powder, it should take a few seconds only, shake well, then add the one-third of the heat activator powder, shake well again and the temp should be good. There is a thermometer strip on the flask, it will indicate when it’s on the right temp.

For more info on how to use Sub Solution synthetic urine, and how to heat up Quick Fix properly, check out this synthetic urine review blog:

They cover everything that you should know how to pass a urine drug test.

Seriously, this is the easiest and fastest way to pass a drug test, basically, no risk involved. However heat pads are not completely reliable, even if it was on the correct temperature when you left your place it can do up and down, even if it shouldn’t. That’s why I call Sub Solution the best fake pee for the drug test. It’s easy to use and super reliable. Unless the test is supervised, always go with Sub Solution.

Third best synthetic urine for a drug test

If none of the mentioned urine brands are available, then my third go-to fake pee for drug test would be Monkey Whizz. They also offer a synthetic urine belt what can come handy, if the test is supervised, however, I wouldn’t recommend using it.