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What Happens If you Fail a Drug Test?

drug test

A drug test is a way to prevent wasted people fro making into a firm. It is also a way to prevent the employees, who might be drug addicts, from staying in the company and being counterproductive. Yes, it is important for any company to employ responsible and sober individuals as employees to ensure its growth and sustenance.

However, these drug tests do not particularly determine which employees are drug junkies and can even have those disqualified who do certain drugs on an occasional basis. In fact, sometimes, those whose bodies have gotten used to these drugs pass the test while those who just did it once or twice can fail.

One’s recreational activities should not determine their worth as a resourceful employee and many would agree that drug tests are not a very fair means to test the worth of any person. Nonetheless, it is very common for companies to hold these tests and one needs to be prepared for them or they would lose  a job opportunity as well as their scope of making a career.

So, what happens when you fail a drug test? Are there any severe legal complications in store for those who do not pass it? What can you expect after it has been found out that you might have been on drugs? There are certain things which are bound to happen while others may or may not, depending on your profession and on the company’s policies related to drug testing.

what if you fail a drug test

If your urine sample has been tested positive for THC metabolites, then you will be interviewed by the Medical Review who will ask you questions about your daily life, what you eat, and if you are on certain medication. Technically, one should not have any illegal drugs in their system and you are already in trouble if you did drugs in the past month or so.

However, if you are sure to not have done anything like that, you can challenge the test. It could be possible that your sample tested positive for a drug due to some medication you might have been on. For instance, some cancer medicines can test positive for marijuana. If this is the case, the officer would call your doctor and pharmacy to know about the details of the said medication.

Then, the expected quantity of the drug is calculated and compared with the laboratory results. If everything goes well, you can expect to pass the test. Otherwise, further inquiries will be carried out to find credibility in your statement.

What happens when you fail a drug test?

If an applicant fails to clear a drug test then by the rule book, he or she will be disqualified. If an existing employee fails a drug test, they may be disqualified or given a warning if it is your first time. The consequences depend on the company’s policies and one cannot predict them. That’s why Its important to use high quality synthetic urine or any other detox product! Do not put yourself in this situation just to save a couple of bucks.

Synthetic Urine reviews : Fake urine brands that DON’TWork

There are many different synthetic urine brands on the market, for someone new to the drug testing game its really hard to choose the best synthetic urine for drug test. Of course there are many different synthetic urine reviews online, but a huge % of them are fake or simply promotion.

Different uses of synthetic urine

There are only a few fake urine brands online what are suitable to pass a drug test. I emphasize „for drug test” because there are other use of synthetic urine, such as:

  • animal repellent
  • sex games
  • drug test

I believe the most important use of synthetic urine is to pass a drug test, but might be popular for other uses as well. I decided to write some synthetic urine reviews to help to choose the best fake urine brand on the market, withotut wasting money and risking of failing an important drug test.

Its very important that high quality synthetic urines must contain:

  1. Urea
  2. Uric Acid
  3. Most be balanced for PH and Gravity
  4. Must NOT contain biocide

Using synthetic urine for drug test without these 4 points checked is gambling. These are all equally important, I could say, color, texture of the urine and other small details are also important but the mentioned 4 is the higest priority.

synthetoc urine reviews

Synthetic Urine reviews: What are the worst urine brands

To be honest I don’t know what are the worst, but I have a huge list of fake pee for drug test what definately doesn’t works, this list is not complete, but these are probably the most well know ones. Some of them used to be reliable, but they all abandoned their product and didn’t update it with essential chemicals.

While Magnum and U pass synthetic urine migh worked very well in 2010 its probably doesn’t work in 2017, if you do some research you will see, these manufacturers didn’t update their formula in the past years:

  • Magnum Synthetic urine
  • U pass
  • Klean Stream urine
  • P-Sure
  • Urine Luck
  • Agent X synthetic urine
  • Ultra Pure
  • Field Kit Synthetic urine
  • Ultimate Gold synthetic urine
  • Synthetx5

Again I dont know which one are the worst, but non of these are safe to use, they don’t contain urea, uric acid, they are hard to heat, many of them often sold on ebay for ridiclously low price so they might be expired. If you check the reviews of the following brands you will see their success rate is not good, what they provide you basically is yellow colored water.

Any lab with a simple dipstick test will catch you. Bottom line here is to stay away from them.

UPDATE: My Go-To Synthetic Urine Brands In 2019

What works in 2019, these are brands I have personally tried and passed multiple drug test successfully:

Sub Solution synthetic urine: Its still the one of the best synthetic urine brand on the market, I have been using it for years and it never failed me. It contains 13 different chemicals, perfectly balanced PH and gravity. sSub Solution comes with heat activating powder, which makes heating super easy. You can read more about this synthetic urine on this website.

Quick Luck: Its the new brand of Clear Choice, the maker of Sub Solution, this brand is slightly more expensive than SUb Solution, but it contains even more chemicals (I am not sure if it’s necessary or not), there are two ways to bring it to the correct temperature: Heating pads and heat activator powder. If you are looking for the absolute safest way to pass a urine test, go with Quick Luck.

Quick Fix6.2: If non of the above mentioned synthetic urine brands are available, than Quick Fix is a good option. Its cheaper than the other two brands, but for a simple piss test, its also a great option. It costs only 39$ and only, but it comes with heating pads only.

Fake Pee for drug test: From my experience

Best synthetic urine for drug test

I am not a pothead, but I do smoke ocasionally, it means 2-3x a week. i don’t think its too much, I never smoke at work and never smoke before driving. I usually smoke a joint at night after I got home. The state where I am living legalized cannabis a few months ago, but we are still subjected to drug testing, I don’t think its okey.

We are still forced to use synthetic urine for drug test or trick the system with various deto products, even if what we do is completely legal and harmless, we still get locked down or loose our job, just because of smoking a blunt at Friday night.

How to pass a urine drug test

Because we are forced to pass a drug test at our work place, we need to find the best and safest way to trick the system. I personally vouche for synthetc urine, it never let me down. Using synthetic urine for drug test is easy. All you have to do is to find the best synthetic urine on the market, buy it, mix the powder with luke warm wate, heat it up, then submit the sample and you are good to go.

There are tons of videos and guides on the net „how to pass a drug test”, while its pretty simple. 99% of drug tests are urine drug test and around 90% of these tests are unsupervised, which means no going to watch you peeing, you can heat the urine to the right temperature 30 minutes before going to the lab, and there all you have to do is to pure synthetic urine in the testing cup, then hand it over to the lab assistant.

If you choosed the right product and the temperature also match, then they will accept your sample and call you back within a week the results. I have passed to urine test at Labcorp in 2017 and never had any problem. Passed it both times and both times I used synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine for drug test

What not to do

I personally hate those idiot certo drug test videos, it might work or not, its a hit or miss. Our body is different, there are so many factors, age, smoking habits,sex, body type,metabolism etc.. What works for some might doesn’t work for others, even if the follow the instructions to the T. I highly recommend to everyone to stay away from all the bullshit home remedies for drug test.

Golden seal,Palo Azul tea, Certo, Cranberry juice and probably the worst is niacin. Again, some of these can be helpful and some might help you to pass the test, but these methods are not even close to safe and there are some (especially Niacin) what are dangerous.

Only an idiot would recommend to take medicine in unknown dosage (because non of these methods mention the proper dosage). Why don’t you use synthetic urine for drug test? It will set you back 40-70$ and you will pass the test 100% guaranteed.

What is the best synthetic urine for drug test

There are many different brands of synthetic urine and they all claim the exact same, that they are the best synthetic urine on the market and, their fake urine is undetectable and there is no way to fail the test with them. However there are tons of synthetic urine reviews online, in forums and online market places what tell a completely different story.

I haven’t tested every synthetic urine brand, but for me the best synthetic urine brands are Quick Fix and Sub Solution. I have used both, and passed the test without any problem. I used to use sub solution only, but then it wasn’t available for some reason, and I didn’t have time to wait for shipping so I went to my local smoke shop and I bought a bottle of Quick fix 6.1 Synthetic urine.

Passed the test with flyin color and since then I didn’t look back. I don’t see the point of experimenting with other synthetic piss brands if I know what works, and the same goes for other products. They might work or not. The risk is huge and I domn’t think its work to take just to save a cuple of bucks. Recently Quick fix costs 39$ which is nothing compared to what it gives you. If it would be 200 I would still choose it, because I know it works.

If you have tried any other synthetic urine for drug test or other detox products such as detox pills or cleansing drinks, then please leave a comment and tell us your story.

Drug Abuse in Today’s Society

Drug Abuse

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 17 million Americans aged 12 or older had abused or were dependent on drugs in the year 2001 (

This number does not even include over the counter drugs, which are the most commonly abused. With the number of drugs in the world and the number of people abusing them, it is a serious problem which deserves some attention. Any person over the legal age can walk into a gas station or minute market and buy a beer and a pack of cigarettes.

Drug abuse is a serious problem in our world and with the casual attitude our supposed role models take to it; who can blame people for not taking the matter seriously. People abusing drugs and promoting the use of drugs are seen every day; whether it is on television, in music, or in close personal contact with friends and family. Drug abuse is a serious problem, and we as active members of our society need to push our government, our parents, and society to better manage the regulations they have on this type of content.

The FCC or Federal Communications Commission is in charge of regulating what can and cannot be shown on television. However, they can only regulate certain channels and at certain times. Channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Stars, and Encore can show what they please, as long as it is past 10P.M ( However, even the most popular afternoon television shows can also say what they please, as long as they are willing to pay the fines.


Family Guy, The Simpsons, and the ever so popular Super Bowl are just a few popular hit television shows who have been fined by the FCC.

These are shows that broadcast at 5 and 6 in the afternoon. It is outrageous that these well known and huge companies, such as FOX and the WB can get away with these mannerisms as long as they pay the price. They know that no serious consequences will come of their actions; so they do as they please. The FCC needs to evaluate the current regulations that they have, make more strict rules, and have heftier fines for those who break the rules.

The music industry is no better than that of the television. The music industry has no regulations, except a slap of a “Parental Advisory” sticker on music with explicit lyrics. Those same “Parental Advisory” stickers, that no music store pays any attention.

If a music store sells a parental advisory labeled CD to a minor, they feel no repercussions. They cannot be fined or closed down; so why should they not make money off of the eager children waiting to buy the new Eminem album. That same Eminem album has lyrics such as “But you’re young, you’ve got a lot of drugs to do” and “In third grade, all I used to do was sniff glue through a tube (”

These are lyrics from a song that any child, no matter the age, can walk into a store and buy. Are these really things that we want children, teenagers, or even adults listening to? Parents, and the record companies need to understand what kind of effect this music has on impressionable young people and limit their access to it. They need to start screening the content of the music before they allow their children to have it.

Not only are children and adults presented with jokes and the mentioning of drugs on television and in music, but unfortunately are often around it at home. According to the SAMHSA, in 2002, almost 5 million adults who were abusing or were dependent on some type of drug had at least one child under the age of 18 living at home with them ( Many people live with or have family members that abuse, or are dependent on drugs, whether it is tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs. Also, children whose parents use, or are dependent on drugs, are more likely to use or become dependent themselves.

I personally am addicted to cigarettes, and I believe that the biggest reason I began smoking is because my mother did. If I had never been around cigarettes in my home, I believe that I would not have begun smoking at all or at least at not such an early age. Human beings react to their environment, and the effects are inescapable. If you are surrounded by certain habits, you are more likely to adopt that habit yourself, even if it something as miniscule as biting your nails or as serious as using drugs. You are the product of your environment.

I personally believe that drug abuse will experience more social change over the next ten years than any other social problems. I think that the problems with drug abuse are only going to worsen due to the present social state of our country. With the War on Iraq, problems in North Korea, and all of the other social problems in the home front, drug abuse has been shoved to the backburner.

Drug Abuse today

In the 1970s and 1980s only a certain group of people were classified as drug abusers by society. They were hippies, the rock and rollers, gang members, the homeless, and other poor parts of society. As years have progressed and more types of people have been deemed drug abusers, our ideas and symbols we use have changed dramatically. Now drug abusers can be found everywhere, some are people you would never suspect leading very normal lives.

However, they can lead deceiving lives being alcoholics, pill-poppers, crack heads, meth-heads, and there are many other types of classified drug addicts. There are also drug addicts that have less negative connotations, because they seem more normal, they are seen as people who are stressed out from their busy corporate lives.

These are people who take sleep aids on a daily basis, depend on anti-depression pills to lead normal lives, or one of the many other type of drug abusers.

Drug abusers come in all shapes and sizes, and most go their whole lives without being discovered.

To effectively manage this problem our country faces, we have to first collectively admit that there is a problem. After it is admitted that here is a problem, than you can effectively devise a plan to manage it. The best way to do this is to create an action plan, policies and procedures we want to establish to manage drug abuse in America. To manage this type of problem you would need to limit the abusers access to negative media that would only feed their addiction. You would also have to keep watch of their daily activities and support them through their recovery.

Drug abuse is a touchy subject, and it often gets brushed under the rug for that very reason. Many types of people from all walks of society abuse drugs, but that does not make it right. It is a matter which is taken too lightly by the government, by the FCC,and even by families. These shocking statistics should be a wakeup call, not an excuse. Just because the people on television do it, just because famous music artists do it, and even if your family and friends do it, it does not make it okay.

If people do not begin taking this matter more seriously, instead of accepting it as a large scale problem, there is no telling what these same statistics might look like in years to come. Drug abuse has always been around, and the numbers are growing dramatically. Now is the time to take things seriously, and manage the problem effectively.