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How To Pass A Mouth Swab Test

how to pass a mouth swab drug test

Passing a saliva drug test is relatively easy, In my previous article, I mentioned how to pass a urine drug test (which in my opinion is the hardest to pass) in this article I will talk a bit about saliva drug testing. It’s not as common as urine testing, but it’s getting more and more popular for a serveral reasons.

  • It’s fast, anyone can administer the test, the results are ready within a few minutes
  • It’s less invasive than doing urine testing
  • It’s cheaper then urine testing, no need to send the sample to the lab, a very simple swab test kit will give you 99,9% accurate results within a few minutes.

Where Is Saliva Drug Testing In Use

There is a high chance of getting tested if you live outside of the US. Roadside Saliva drug testing is getting more and more popular in Australia and in the UK. It works the same way as alcohol testing, if you are supicious the police will pull you over, ask you to open your mouth, take a swab test. Like I said the results are almost instant, and I am sure you aware of the consiquences if the test is positive.

It’s important to learn how to pass a mouth swab test if you work as a driver or if you work in a warehouse. Employers recently love to do on the spot testing. It’s very fast and easy, if you are suspicious or if you cause an accident you can be tested within a couple of minutes, no preparating needed. Now you know why a saliva drug test is danderous, even if drug metabolites don’t stay in saliva too long, the test is so quick that you don’t really have time to prepare for a random swab drug test.

How To Pass a Saliva Drug Test

There are many ways to pass a saliva test, some says the best way is to use some kind of mouth washes, some says Listerine is more than enough and there are other that says washing your gum a couple of time right before the test is enough to clear toxins out of your saliva.

I personally recommend Oral Clear Saliva neutralzing gum, I have used it once and it worked like charm. It’s small so you can hide it in your pocket without any problem, after you start chewing it within 30-40 seconds your saliva will be clear of toxins for up to 30 mnutes. Chew it for a minute or two just to be sure, then swallow it. The only downside is it’s price, one piece of gum costs 90$.

There are some special mouth washes such as: Toxin wash, it also works very well, I have posted about this detox produt on my FB earlier, I got this message from one of my reader:

I passed my test, I cannot believe it. I am so excited guys! I gots me a job!!! I smoke weed and I go to the pain clinic. Although I take both drugs legally I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business as long as I’m not doing it on the job. I’m really happy. I took the mouthwash. I know a lot of people complain about the taste but I didn’t think it was that bad. To me I’ve taken energy drinks that tasted worse. I didn’t smoke for 48 hours. I frequently brushed and flossed. I mouthwash with peroxide and Listerine. Right before going in for my drug test I brushed flossed mouthwash with Listerine then peroxide, after that, I took sips of the Stinger mouthwash and switched it around my mouth for a minute and repeated until the bottle was done. I didn’t drink or eat anything or anything else in my mouth until after I was done with my drug test which I did within 30 minutes after finishing the bottle.

So as you can see both method works, choose what suites you do best, but I highly recommend you to wash your teeth and gum minimum 3 times before the test and stop smoking, if you do every steps properly, you will pass your saliva drug test easily!