Fake Pee for drug test: From my experience

Best synthetic urine for drug test
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I am not a pothead, but I do smoke ocasionally, it means 2-3x a week. i don’t think its too much, I never smoke at work and never smoke before driving. I usually smoke a joint at night after I got home. The state where I am living legalized cannabis a few months ago, but we are still subjected to drug testing, I don’t think its okey.

We are still forced to use synthetic urine for drug test or trick the system with various deto products, even if what we do is completely legal and harmless, we still get locked down or loose our job, just because of smoking a blunt at Friday night.

How to pass a urine drug test

Because we are forced to pass a drug test at our work place, we need to find the best and safest way to trick the system. I personally vouche for synthetc urine, it never let me down. Using synthetic urine for drug test is easy. All you have to do is to find the best synthetic urine on the market, buy it, mix the powder with luke warm wate, heat it up, then submit the sample and you are good to go.

There are tons of videos and guides on the net „how to pass a drug test”, while its pretty simple. 99% of drug tests are urine drug test and around 90% of these tests are unsupervised, which means no going to watch you peeing, you can heat the urine to the right temperature 30 minutes before going to the lab, and there all you have to do is to pure synthetic urine in the testing cup, then hand it over to the lab assistant.

If you choosed the right product and the temperature also match, then they will accept your sample and call you back within a week the results. I have passed to urine test at Labcorp in 2017 and never had any problem. Passed it both times and both times I used synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine for drug test

What not to do

I personally hate those idiot certo drug test videos, it might work or not, its a hit or miss. Our body is different, there are so many factors, age, smoking habits,sex, body type,metabolism etc.. What works for some might doesn’t work for others, even if the follow the instructions to the T. I highly recommend to everyone to stay away from all the bullshit home remedies for drug test.

Golden seal,Palo Azul tea, Certo, Cranberry juice and probably the worst is niacin. Again, some of these can be helpful and some might help you to pass the test, but these methods are not even close to safe and there are some (especially Niacin) what are dangerous.

Only an idiot would recommend to take medicine in unknown dosage (because non of these methods mention the proper dosage). Why don’t you use synthetic urine for drug test? It will set you back 40-70$ and you will pass the test 100% guaranteed.

What is the best synthetic urine for drug test

There are many different brands of synthetic urine and they all claim the exact same, that they are the best synthetic urine on the market and, their fake urine is undetectable and there is no way to fail the test with them. However there are tons of synthetic urine reviews online, in forums and online market places what tell a completely different story.

I haven’t tested every synthetic urine brand, but for me the best synthetic urine brands are Quick Fix and Sub Solution. I have used both, and passed the test without any problem. I used to use sub solution only, but then it wasn’t available for some reason, and I didn’t have time to wait for shipping so I went to my local smoke shop and I bought a bottle of Quick fix 6.1 Synthetic urine.

Passed the test with flyin color and since then I didn’t look back. I don’t see the point of experimenting with other synthetic piss brands if I know what works, and the same goes for other products. They might work or not. The risk is huge and I domn’t think its work to take just to save a cuple of bucks. Recently Quick fix costs 39$ which is nothing compared to what it gives you. If it would be 200 I would still choose it, because I know it works.

If you have tried any other synthetic urine for drug test or other detox products such as detox pills or cleansing drinks, then please leave a comment and tell us your story.