Synthetic Urine For Drug Test Update 2018 | Does Clear Choice Sub Solution still the best?

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Hello guys, it been a while since i haven’t posted anything on my blog, I was really busy with my job and recently haven’t received many questions regarding synthetic urine or how to pass a drug test. A few days ago however I got a short message from one of my reader who failed his urine drug test with the infamous U pass synthetic urine.

I mentioned in all of my blog posts to do not use Upass, Xstream or any crap quality synthetic urine for the drug test, but it seems not everyone read my posts carefully. So this poor fella bought U pass instead of Clear Choice sub solution (which is in my opinion, still the best synthetic urine in 2018). Here is the message I got from him.

Synthetic urine for drug test

U Pass Synthetic Urine Failed

I bought the U-Pass ver. 8.4 approximately 3 weeks ago. I used it 1 1/2 weeks ago. I warmed it up to temperature, and then I did say drug test. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but it was a DOT drug screen. I used this system because I had smoked pot approximately 2 weeks before my random test.

Six days ago I get a phone call from the lab; they commenced to tell me that I failed my drug screen. I failed it because they found heroin in my urine!

The “protein” 6-MAM was found in “my” (U-Pass) urine! My question is, how is this possible? I would have fared better just giving them my urine and having to explain marijuana, versus heroin!?! What the heck!?  Now, its not only possible that I have lost my job, now; this result will stay and follow me on my CVSA, DOT and FMCSA reports!

I really wish I just peed and explained the marijuana! I  have used this system in many locations, I have recommended it to a lot of people. We have never had any problems with this product until this! I will never use this product again, and I am attempting to warn everybody about it now! Nobody deserves this!

What Are The Better Quality Synthetic Urine Brands

Do not make the same mistake what this guy did, do not buy cheap synthetic urine for your upcoming drug test, would you risk your job just to save 30-35$? The best synthetic urine brands are still the same as last year, I have had 2 drug tests this year and I passed both with Sub Solution synthetic urine.

I know guys who recently passed with Quick Fix 6.2 and also know one fella who swears by Monkey Whizz synthetic urine. So my top synthetic urine brands are still the same:

  1. Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine
  2. SpectrumLabds Quick fix 6.2
  3. Monkey Whizz Synthetic urine

Sub Solution is more expensive than the other brands, actually two times more expensive, but it has the most complex formula. I have heard that some labs start visually checking the sample you submit. In this case, Sub Solution is the only synthetic pee on the market that would pass a test. Even Quick Fix has a slightly greenish color, which looks pretty unnatural.

Here is a video that I recently found on youtube:

According to him is easy to detect synthetic urine just by watching the color closely or shaking it up a little bit. Besides this, sub solution comes with heat activator powder which makes the heating process super easy and safe (for a very detailed Sub Solution review, check out this blog post).

Synthetic Urine Alternatives

I got a second email regarding detox drinks. I can not emphasize enough that using synthetic urine for drug test is much safer than messing with detox drinks, but I do understand that there are some people who are not comfortable carrying synthetic urine. So here is the question I got:

synthetic urine alternatives„I’ve been clean off weed for about 25 days which I thought would be enough time to pass a drug test. I was wrong bought a few at home tests and keep failing with the first void.

Some of the first voids have an extremely faint line showing I passed so I’m sure there is barely any thc left in my system.

I bought mega clean and I have a probation drug test next week possibly?

(The old po that never tested me switched me to a new one with 2 months left to go) Will it work since all the time I’ve put into being clean? I’m very close to passing so I hope this will pull that solid line in looking for.”

After 25 days you should be okay, even without using detox products. Mega clean is one of the best on the market, so yeah you will pass the test easily. I advise you to increase your water intake, exercise regularly and eat healthy, in the last few days before the test. I am not sure where did you get your mega clean from, but next time I highly suggest to get it from testclear so you will get 6 pre rid tables for free.

That’s it guys, I hope you found this post helpful, Sub Solution synthetic urine is still the best fake pee for a drug test, synthetic urine still works and it will continue working. Always buy better quality, do not be cheap, stay safe!