Synthetic Urine reviews : Fake urine brands that DON’TWork

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There are many different synthetic urine brands on the market, for someone new to the drug testing game its really hard to choose the best synthetic urine for drug test. Of course there are many different synthetic urine reviews online, but a huge % of them are fake or simply promotion.

Different uses of synthetic urine

There are only a few fake urine brands online what are suitable to pass a drug test. I emphasize „for drug test” because there are other use of synthetic urine, such as:

  • animal repellent
  • sex games
  • drug test

I believe the most important use of synthetic urine is to pass a drug test, but might be popular for other uses as well. I decided to write some synthetic urine reviews to help to choose the best fake urine brand on the market, withotut wasting money and risking of failing an important drug test.

Its very important that high quality synthetic urines must contain:

  1. Urea
  2. Uric Acid
  3. Most be balanced for PH and Gravity
  4. Must NOT contain biocide

Using synthetic urine for drug test without these 4 points checked is gambling. These are all equally important, I could say, color, texture of the urine and other small details are also important but the mentioned 4 is the higest priority.

synthetoc urine reviews

Synthetic Urine reviews: What are the worst urine brands

To be honest I don’t know what are the worst, but I have a huge list of fake pee for drug test what definately doesn’t works, this list is not complete, but these are probably the most well know ones. Some of them used to be reliable, but they all abandoned their product and didn’t update it with essential chemicals.

While Magnum and U pass synthetic urine migh worked very well in 2010 its probably doesn’t work in 2017, if you do some research you will see, these manufacturers didn’t update their formula in the past years:

  • Magnum Synthetic urine
  • U pass
  • Klean Stream urine
  • P-Sure
  • Urine Luck
  • Agent X synthetic urine
  • Ultra Pure
  • Field Kit Synthetic urine
  • Ultimate Gold synthetic urine
  • Synthetx5

Again I dont know which one are the worst, but non of these are safe to use, they don’t contain urea, uric acid, they are hard to heat, many of them often sold on ebay for ridiclously low price so they might be expired. If you check the reviews of the following brands you will see their success rate is not good, what they provide you basically is yellow colored water.

Any lab with a simple dipstick test will catch you. Bottom line here is to stay away from them. In my next synthetic urine review article I will gie you some recommendations. What works in 217, these are brands I have personally tried and passed multiple drug test successfully.