What Happens If you Fail a Drug Test?

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drug test

A drug test is a way to prevent wasted people fro making into a firm. It is also a way to prevent the employees, who might be drug addicts, from staying in the company and being counterproductive. Yes, it is important for any company to employ responsible and sober individuals as employees to ensure its growth and sustenance.

However, these drug tests do not particularly determine which employees are drug junkies and can even have those disqualified who do certain drugs on an occasional basis. In fact, sometimes, those whose bodies have gotten used to these drugs pass the test while those who just did it once or twice can fail.

One’s recreational activities should not determine their worth as a resourceful employee and many would agree that drug tests are not a very fair means to test the worth of any person. Nonetheless, it is very common for companies to hold these tests and one needs to be prepared for them or they would lose  a job opportunity as well as their scope of making a career.

So, what happens when you fail a drug test? Are there any severe legal complications in store for those who do not pass it? What can you expect after it has been found out that you might have been on drugs? There are certain things which are bound to happen while others may or may not, depending on your profession and on the company’s policies related to drug testing.

what if you fail a drug test

If your urine sample has been tested positive for THC metabolites, then you will be interviewed by the Medical Review who will ask you questions about your daily life, what you eat, and if you are on certain medication. Technically, one should not have any illegal drugs in their system and you are already in trouble if you did drugs in the past month or so.

However, if you are sure to not have done anything like that, you can challenge the test. It could be possible that your sample tested positive for a drug due to some medication you might have been on. For instance, some cancer medicines can test positive for marijuana. If this is the case, the officer would call your doctor and pharmacy to know about the details of the said medication.

Then, the expected quantity of the drug is calculated and compared with the laboratory results. If everything goes well, you can expect to pass the test. Otherwise, further inquiries will be carried out to find credibility in your statement.

What happens when you fail a drug test?

If an applicant fails to clear a drug test then by the rule book, he or she will be disqualified. If an existing employee fails a drug test, they may be disqualified or given a warning if it is your first time. The consequences depend on the company’s policies and one cannot predict them. That’s why Its important to use high quality synthetic urine or any other detox product! Do not put yourself in this situation just to save a couple of bucks.